Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bedside Lamp - North Bedroom

The North Bedroom is almost done.  We're bringing in a bookcase and will unpack some books that have been stored during this whole house restoration.  Unpacking the books will do much to dissolve the junk room. 

The bedside table is an Eastlake table, polished and re-glued.  It certainly doesn't sit level, and I'll have to make some adjustments with felt on one leg. 

The sleigh bed was delivered last Tuesday.  The crocheted bedspread needs to go to the dry cleaners, so I put a toile bedspread instead.  Look at the spread closely--I bought it at a thirftshop for $25, and then by accident I found a bolt of a fabric that is quite a close look alike.  I made pillow shams shown here, and this weekend sewed four window panels and valances.   Eventually the toile items will be in the East bedroom (a.k.a. Junk Room#2).

I have some prints to put on the walls, but I'll put them up last, after the bookcase is in place.  I think you'll laugh when you see the art work . . . it will be a surprise!!

We purchased this rocker locally from The Trading Post. 

Here's a close up of the green Tiffany style lamp.


  1. Can you tell me about the floor? In the picture it looks painted, but I'm guessing it's the natural wood color?

  2. Hi Em,

    Glad you stopped by to look at our old house.

    The floors are pine, and they are painted (only one coat of paint. I'm going to leave them just as they are. I've run into a problem with my knee, and can't do any kneeling.

  3. Hi Linda,
    Cory sent me the link so I could see your beautiful home. :) You've done a great job so far, and it looks like you've enjoyed it. Good luck with the rest, and I hope your knee feels better!
    Bobbie (Mrs. Cory)

  4. You find some of the best stuff at thriftshops! Love the bedspread!

  5. The room has come together beautifully! I love the table vignette... very welcoming. I really think the toile works in this room, even though it is destined for the next bedroom! Great job, Linda! You should be SO proud!