Sunday, January 10, 2010

Polished Pewter Wall Color for North Bedroom

Below, you can see the result of repaired wall cracks and with two skim coats of plaster.  The walls are silky smooth.

The wall color is Polished Pewter to match the drapery fabric. 

Today, I painted two coats on the ceiling "off white", and cut around the edges of woodwork and first coat of wall color.  Next weekend I'll paint last coat on wall, two coats of semi gloss on woodwork.  The camera must be playing tricks with me, I just noticed the cobalt blue swipe on the south wall.  Or, it could be the house ghost playing tricks on us again.

Postscript:  You'll notice we didn't finish plaster and paint at the ceiling perimeter.  When we finish all the upstairs walls--we trim each room with crown molding.


  1. Those walls look fantastic! I like the color you've picked for the walls too. Can't wait to see it come together as a room with the fabrics as well.

    Ummm....can you send me those two lamps? :)

  2. Good Morning Ms. Linda!!

    I love that wall color you chose. It reminds me of the one I have chosen for our masterbedroom--which is farther down the list on "to do's". I can't wait to see the finished room! How many rooms does your house have? I know you've taken on quite a restoration and it is going great! Better watch out or the Historic Preservationists will want you as their President...and you would well deserve the position.

    Thanks for sharing all your hard work with us.

  3. Interesting color choice, is that historical or just a color that you like? Since this is a north bedroom, it will be dark anyway. Such a dramatic color, can't wait to see your fabric selections too. I so enjoy watching these transformations. Sea Witch

  4. That's a BEAUTIFUL color! I love transforms the room. My master bedroom is a dark shade of purple and it looks like this color in some light. I posted about it months ago.

    Happy New Year from Houston, TX!

  5. Can't wait to see the molding and drapes put up, LOVE this color, what is it called and by who?

  6. Hello My Casa Bella,

    The color is "Polished Pewter" by Valspar, interior latex. Let me know if you'd like the color mix numbers. Thank you for your kind words. We're going to be a bed & breakfast someday. I hope you come visit us.

    Hi Jacque,

    Good luck to you on your master bedroom restoration. To answer your question, we have 13-15 rooms in the house. We are half way done. I count #14--the long upstairs hallway because it is 28ft. long and 5 ft. wide and must be restored too. We've started re-drywalling the hallway ceiling already and must repair wall cracks and finish with two coats of skim coat plaster--just like the other rooms. The hallway is next on my list. #15 is the attached carriage house--going to become Jon's man cave. Good, good. Cause I don't like his deer heads on the walls in the summer kitchen!

  7. Love love love the color & the drapes! Glad I found your blog!