Sunday, November 1, 2009

More Paintings

This painting hangs in my dining room. I painted it in 1988. I remember working on it in my basement studio. Man that was a really small studio, but somehow we managed to squeeze-in 6 to 8 easels for students. My students were the greatest. So far, I guess I've only shown you still life paintings-but at my studio we painted a variety of subjects including landscapes, seascapes, wildlife, flowers . . . I remember each and everyone of my students and their beautiful work. Golly we had fun!


  1. WOW...i cant imagine how great this looks hanging on your wall!

    The reflection in that glass gives me chill bumps it is so realistic! I don't think a photograph would depict it better. YOU ARE GOOD!

    Have a great week. Happy to see you posting again.

  2. This is a lovely as your first week. You have a true talent. Your paintings have an "Old Masters" look to them. I adore the way you utilize glassware, metals and textiles into your work. Please continue to showcase more of your paintings, they are a joy to see. Sea Witch

  3. Another great painting! You really render a variety of textures well, as Sea Witch said, just like the Old Masters did. You are a Renaissance woman!

  4. I am speechless. You have great talent and I'm happy for you that you will be using it once again. The two paintings that you have shown feel so comforting and quiet. To be honest when I seen the latest one I had to do a double take, I thought it was a photograph! Great stuff!!!


  5. Good Morning Mrs. D...hope all is well with you and yours! Please stop by the farmhouse on Monday. I have a surprise for you!

    I sure hope you can join in on the fun!