Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Living Through A Whole House Restoration

We are into our third year of restoration. I've shown you photos of family members who gave a helping hand during our journey. And now, I've decided to include a photo of me, working on the old Victorian. Usually, I'm the camera man. I've taken hundreds of before and after photos of our journey into restoration land. This house and our work is a dream come true.

When we made our first "walk-thru" in the house, I sure didn't think it would take this long to bring this old house around. However, I'm glad it is taking some time. Along the way I've had a chance to research the two families who lived here before us, and the stories are remarkable and inspire us to continue. Each year I proclaim we'll have this wrapped up in one more year, then the year comes and goes. We make progress, but move at a snail's pace on most projects. If you love old houses like we do, you'll understand how we feel. We are the custodians of the Wrolstad-Quien home. It is an honor to work on this house.


  1. Believe me, I hear where you are coming from! One thing that surprises me is how you get a preconceived idea about what changes you are going to make and then after living in the house awhile, IT tells you otherwise. Ours is a REmodel, not a restoration but the journey is still just as REwarding.

    I just recently started to research some of the history and already can't wait to find out more! I just love history!!

    I just wish we could have started this journey alot earlier than we did. We are not as "energetic" as we once were...(that sounds better than YOUNGER..LOL

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I hope you'll share some of the stories of the previous owners. I'm sure that was a lot of fun to research. I keep saying I'm going to do the same. Our home was built in 1925 and I'm curious if our town has any record of it and the original owners.

    Your home is coming along beautifully. She is lucky to have you.

  3. Your house is beautiful! You have undertaken quite a lot of back-breaking but spectacular changes and restoration, and you must feel very proud. I've been enjoying reading through your posts. It's people like you that inspire me!

  4. I stumbled onto your blog this afternoon and have now read it from start to finish! We are restoring an 1893 Queen Anne Victorian here in Idaho and just started year 5 of what we thought would be a 3 year process. Your pictures and stories (and paint colors!) have refreshed my enthusiasm. I appreciate the effort and love you are putting into your home. Old homes have beautiful souls! I also love your paintings - you are a gifted artist!