Saturday, October 10, 2009

Garage Build Continues

Yesterday DH Jon finished building the second floor walls, and then lifted each 60 lb. rafter and laid it upside down. Today he'll have some help positioning and securing the rafter sections. The OSB sheathing will go down, followed by roof paper and architectural shingles. The windows will be installed on the north end (street side), and a larger one at the south end. Winter is coming on fast. Heavy frost this morning. The final step before winter is to cover the second floor exterior with Tyvek, install main garage doors, and wire the garage.
This photo taken the second week of September. The garage lower level divided by wall. This divides the garage parking space from the workshop in the rear. The stairway to the second floor will be installed next spring.
Photo taken Oct 5th, before second floor was constructed.

DH build north wall on the ground, then lifted it into position with the bucket truck. Remaining walls were built on the second floor and lifted into position.
Jon built the second floor by himself. Amazing patience, and skill!

Above: Photo taken Oct 5.

Above Photo taken yesterday, Oct 9. Jon was very tired last night. It's been a cold, rainy week to build the second floor. This week he built the second floor walls in 16 ft. sections by himself, then lifted each one into position and secured. He is one strong dude.

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  1. Strong...I should say so!! WOW, that is one gigantic garage!

    I glad to see you back up and blogging. I was wondering if something was wrong but I see you have been busy.

    Have a great weekend!