Sunday, October 11, 2009

Building the Two Story Garage - more photos

Jon had some help yesterday from Eric. They positioned and secured the rafters for the second story roof. This morning Jon lifted the 4 x 8 sheets of OSB sheeting to the rafters.
I journeyed to the back of the garage and climbed up the ladder to snap a photo of the second floor studio.

Above is a view of the roughed in studio. In the middle of the 12 x 48' studio will be a five foot corridor to the right, and opening for the stairs to the left of the corridor. The stairs will reach the second floor by means of a west end dormer (not yet built). The dormer second floor landing will make a "u" turn and enter the upstairs studio. There will be a matching east dormer at the five foot corridor. I can see it in my mind, however, it will be next spring before the dormers are built. Winter is coming on too fast, and Jon is conscentrating on getting the roof on, windows and doors installed, and wrap second floor with Tyvek.

Jon lifts OSB sheets to roof line to install.

Jon putting bucket in position near the roof line to unload the OSB sheet.

At the base of the bucket you can see the brackets Jon welded to hold the OSB boards while making the lift.
He slides the sheet into position. After the first lift, Jon came into the house for a break, and said he's decided to change his approach on positioning OSB board.

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