Saturday, September 12, 2009

Building the New Garage

I really know nothing about building a garage. And my words below fail to describe the building process. But, here goes . . .

Jon and Dad (Gale) are putting up the new garage this week. They've had some help from brother Willie, and friend Al a couple of days. Mom and I pick up nails, materials, and we sweep at the end of the day.
Mom and Al watch Jon up in the trusses, tying the trusses one to the other with a series of lengths of lumber.

The garage footprint is 28 x 48. The gable ends running north and south.

Willie and Al watch Jon up in the trusses. Later on Willie will begin nailing OSB Board on the roof. The 48' length of garage will be divided in half. The south end a modified workshop for Jon, and the north end two garage door openings.

Securing trusses together with a ladder type fixture (see fixture lying on the floor).

The bucket truck lifts trusses into place.

Putting up OSB Board on the exterior. Later long metal straps are attached to the side walls to add strength.

Jon coming down from the trusses.

Brother Willie helping install OSB board, while Jon attaches with nailing gun.

Preparation work was extensive before the garage could be built. Several trees were removed, tree stumps dug up and hauled away. Weeks and weeks of adding course fill, tamping, and installing floor drains. The concrete pad just below the truck is in front of a soon to be passage door.
Dad (Gale) drilling holes to mount wall section on the sillplate bolts.

Day 3--three walls are up!

Dad (Gale) drilling holes in the wall section.

Beginning the garage project.

Jon, Willie, and Gale attach OSB Board to the walls.

Gale attaching sillplate around perimeter of garage.

Earlier in August, pouring the concrete for the garage.


  1. Your new garage looks like it will be bigger than my entire house! Looks great!!

  2. Now THAT is what I call a garage!! It IS bigger than my entire house!

    I know you are going to love it. The guys did a fantastic job--they must really know their stuff!!

    Thanks for sharing those pics. Hope you have a great weekend.