Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It's good to open up the door and find you standing there,
for just to hear you say hello can banish all my cares.

And when you come inside this house you bring so much along,
companionship, an arousing smile, that turn the hours to song.

These visits give the heart a lift one can't afford to miss.
And life is richer through the years because of hours like this.

So come as often as you can there's dreams for us to share
It's so good to open up the door and find you standing there.

I don't know who wrote the poem,
but my grandma Eva taught me the words.
Thank grandma. I love you and think of you often.

The etched glass door shown here is on the (north) front side of the house. It is the door to a very small balcony. It is nice to open the door during the summer days and walk to the end of the hall to the new 'old' bathroom and open the windows. The air flows nicely through the upstairs hallway. Smells good.


  1. that is a beautiful etched window pane. your house if FULL of treasures! the people that built it apparently had exquisite taste! it appears to be a "big city" house...mine was built by a poor old country farmer..but, we both are attempting to do the same thing. turn these old houses into our homes. it makes me feel like that is my "lot in life"...does it you? i have felt like the first time I walked into this house that I was at home.

  2. Your house is AMAZING! I've been going through your older posts. I love the color schemes you chose, both exterior and interior. And you have gorgeous furniture and other antique pieces! I would die for a house like this! The woodwork and details are beautiful.

    You're lucky to have such a talented husband and parents as well. Thank you for sharing the process with everyone!

  3. You have my dream home. I love everything about it. I have a victorian home myself but we built it 14 years ago. I want to find a home like yours with many acres. I love to work in the yard and I want my dogs to have plenty of room to run. Come visit my blog