Sunday, July 12, 2009

Next Project - North Upstairs Bedroom, 17 x 13

At the right top is a circle to a half chimney (place for the wood stove used to heat this room a long, long time ago).
Northeast corner. The walls have a fair amount of cracks to be repaired with durabond, web tape, and our standard two skim coats of plaster with sanding in between coats. Primed with Zinzer 1-2-3, and finally two coats of color. The end result is a wall finish that feels like b-u-t-t-e-r.

COLOR - Lots of room for something dramatic. I feel comfortable re-using the divine red from the dining room. Or, I could go very neutral with painting wide dark cream stripes, alternating eggshell/semi-gloss finish. I have a great black/cream toile thick comforter that would look good. Then again, there's something exciting about painting a dark blue and crisp white trim. Lots of possibilities--I just haven't decided.

The bedroom is 17 ft. long and 13ft. wide and features a north facing 3-window bay.


  1. Thoroughly loving your blog about your 1893 Victorian home restoration. I, too, spent many loving and frustrating years restoring an 1895 Queen Anne in Thomson, IL. The bigger the home, the bigger the restoration but what joy and filled with marvelous history lessons. I'm now living vicariously through your adventures. Sea Witch

  2. Ohhhhhh what a lovely Victorian house....

    Regards from Agneta in Sweden