Sunday, May 3, 2009

Discovering The Previous Owners - The Qvien Family

Allow me to introduce the Thomas Qvien family, second owners of our 1893 Victorian. Thomas Qvien purchased the house in December 1917 from Osina (Wrolstad) Johnson and her husband N.H. "Nels" Johnson, and her sister Mabel (Wrolstad) Westgor and her husband E.H. Westgor.

I received this beautiful family photo from Barbara Osen great granddaughter of Thomas Qvien (pronounced Ka-veen'). We are so honored to show this photograph in our home.

Front: Thomas and Maren (Gurholt) Qvien. Standing are their children: Bessie, Gusta, Peter, and Ragnhild.

Barbara brought me other unmarked photos. I found one or two which I thought might be older photos of Bessie and Ragnhild. To get a better look I scanned the original family photograph, then made detail images of each person. I began with the "known" photo of Bessie, a detail image from the family photo, and reversed the detail image.

Above is a reserved image of "known" photograph detail of Bessie Qvien.

Above is the "unknown" photo of a woman I believe is Bessie Qvien.

Above is an overlay transparency combining both photographs. Really cool, eh? A friend named Theresa did the overlay for me.


  1. I have been looking for the wallpaper you have in this bath. Wonderful! Please, where did you get it?
    Thanks. Gayle

  2. Hi Gayle,

    Source for my bathroom wallpaper: Cindy Story I ordered 4 double rolls FN2082 Black Toile Wallpaper . . . I think with the shipping cost, my total was $65.00 Cindy carries discontinued/discounted wallpapers . . . she has a website but I forgot what it is. Try She is very very good about sending your samples of anything you see (may want) on her website catalog of wallpapers. Good luck to you. Let me know if you have success.