Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Working on the Master Bedroom Upstairs

My sister Pam made the most beautiful drapes for our upstairs Master Bedroom. Thanks Pam for each and every hour you worked so hard on these drapes. They puddled and hold their shape thanks to your genius idea to add cotton piping at the bottom.

I love this fabric, a shimmering green crushed poly that feels like silk. The tiny stems and leaves are fragile, delicate, and the mossy green walls are tranquil. My husband loves the room and says it is soothing and restful.

I appeal to my sister Pam who is probably looking at these photos and wondering what I'm thinking using the 'make-do' tie-ups on the valance. Sorry Pam, I didn't get to the cinching on the back side of the valance to make the appropriate gathers. I still have your drawings and instructions, and someday when I am not repairing plaster walls I will stop a moment to finish the drapes. On second thought, Pam, could you come back again this summer and finish the hand sewing on the valance?

Thank you Maude for the great instructions 'how to make a cover and liner for a lamp shade'. Here it is, my first covered shade. I thought it turned out good for my first one. I used the same materials as the drapes. This was going to be my practice lamp shade--because I paid only $2.99 for the shade at Goodwill, ripping off all the old fabric and covering it with new. I'll be covering more lamp shades. You wrote a wonderful book; so glad I bought it.

Here you can see the painted floors. They are wide pine with only one coat of paint on them. Pretty easy to refinish considering the age of this house 116 years. Three old old area rugs were left upstairs when we purchased the house. For the time being, they'll do just fine, though they are very bare and worn in areas.

Wall Sconces - Another Goodwill find $2.99 each. The shades I purchased at Menards. From a decorating point of view I didn't have the foggest idea how high to place them. So we just laid on the bed pretending to be reading and reaching up to turn off the switch and that's how we decided where to put them.

The hassack at the window was a collaboration between my husband and me. He made the furniture base and I did the upholstery work. This is our little dog's favorite place to sit and look out the window.

Next, we have to order the crown molding and install it. We're using an MDF molding because it comes in so many stunning profiles, is pre-primed, and is inexpensive.

The wall paint color is "Mossy" by Valspar, and the trim, ceiling, doors are "Off White" semi-gloss. We'll do something with the floors in the future (wide pine planks), but it won't be happening in 2009. Come May, I'll be back up on the bucket truck painting the second coat on exterior of the house.

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