Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Taking Time Out to Paint Something Besides Walls

I had fun working on this old dresser. Mom and I found it last September when she visited me. We went to a yard sale in a machine shed on a farm. The 1940s dresser was in rough shape. We fixed drawer slides and filled veneer chips, and sanded the devil out of it. Primed it, and painted two coats of special furniture paint 'lamp black'. Afterwards I got out my favorite brush and a bottle of gold acrylic craft paint and painted the flourishes. The knobs Mom and I found in a boutique. The knobs gave us the idea what the re-do should look like. I'm an oil painter (portrait artist) for 20+ years. I would like to try my hand at handpainting more furniture. I liked the results.

The finished dresser will go into the new bathroom upstairs 10.5 x 15' room. There is a 1903 Kohler (restored) clawfoot tub, and new pedestal sink. I'm putting our underwear in this dresser and other bathroom supplies. The name of the game having an old Victorian house is making storage space where there is NONE.

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing! I was looking for the name of a colour like "Flaming Sunset, by Valspar" and came to it by this amazing dresser catching my eye. You are truly talented and inspirational!