Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Flowers from my Yard

Above: The silver strap-like leaves of "Lyme Grass", and just behind yellow coreopsis 'Moonbeam', and purple viola 'Johnny Jump Ups'.  All are perennials.
Here are photos from our previous yard.  I miss my flower gardens.
Above, the pot contains: left--the red dreadlocks of "Love Lies Bleeding"--its botanical name is amaranthus, caudatus.  Each dreadlock contains hundreds of seeds and as the summer continues the plant's seeds ripen.  At the end of the season snip the dreadlocks and put in a paper sack.  Shake, shake, shake, and the seeds will fly away from the dreadlock. 

The pot also contains a silvery leaf plant (lower left) heliochrism, petiolaire 'mouse ears'.  I'll have to look up the spelling of the botanical names and make corrections later. 
Soon, we'll start to re-create some of our gardens here at our old Queen Anne

Jon built such beautiful brick patios at our previous home.
These yellow and orange Frittalaria, first plants to bloom in the spring.
Pots of flowers along the brick path to the bird fountain in the backyard.

One of my favorites, heuchera, marmalade
yellow coreopsis, purple liatris "gay feather", pink oriental lilies add fragrance.
Jon built "Aunt Bee" for the yard.
Sheherezade lily planted among the Sedum
Two varieties of delphinium against the yellow green hosta 'Sum and Substance'
A corner of the brick patio sheltered by the gazebo.  Our yard (previous home) was 3 acres, and we kept it looking like a park.
Interesting what you can do with some muslin, old clothes to make a silly scarecrow.


  1. Hi Linda,

    You had some beautiful flowers! I know can't wait to work in your yard--I'm in the same perdicament! Too many inside projects left to do! AND Spring is just around the corner.

    Have a great week..

  2. How lovely your garden is. My father would have reveled in your flowers. He adored the garden and raised several hundred rose species in our home in New Jersey when I was a little girl. Sea witch

  3. Oh, how beautiful! Did you dig any up or save any seeds? Looks like mostly perennials. What a nice thing to see. Makes me glad Spring is almost here!