Sunday, October 25, 2009

Looking At My Old Work

I found a photograph of an oil painting I did a million years ago. I have no idea when I painted it. Its called "Old Books" I told DH Jon this morning, I'm really getting excited about opening my art studio. I can't hardly wait until I get an opportunity to sit down again at the easel. That will be next year--as the studio is far from finished.

Its been more than 15 years since I taught oil painting or did any commission work. Nonetheless, I know I can still make the magic happen, and what I learned over the years didn't run out of the end of my toes.

My studio will officially open for classes in the spring of 2011. Won't you join me? If you've never painted but always wanted to learn, you'll have the time of your life at my studio. I guarantee it!


  1. I'm sure you probably don't recognize me.. This past summer we came to visit Wisconsin about half way through July, with my great aunt Kathy. You showed myself, my mom, my two sisters, and my little brother around your wonderful house. :) You even gave my siblings a ride in your machine lifter thing.. Anyways, today I was thinking about your house and dug up the paper you gave us with your blog on it. (: I just wanted to say your house looks amazing! And one day I hope to live in one and get the privledge to do what you're doing. (:

  2. What a beautiful oil painting! The lighting is gorgeous! You are obviously a multi-talented and gifted person. Congrats on the work on your house and the opening of your new studio next year!

  3. That painting is exquisite and NO, your talents haven't run out of your toes. It is God given and as long as you use it, you will never lose it. I'd say all the restoration work you are doing at your home requires the great skill of an artisan, and your skill certainly shines thru. Keep up the work. I hope one day to see the finished product.

    I would love to join your classes BUT me and a paintbrush have nothing in common--not even the huge house painting ones!

    Have a great week. I know you are loving what you are doing.

  4. Lovely oil painting. How I wish I could take one of your classes, I'm just too far away. Love the cutwork doily you have over the books. You have a wonderful eye for placement. Sea Witch