Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Front Door

We continue to discover things about the house. The front door has a wonderful etched glass detail of a large bird. Would you call it a crane? A stork? A heron? We've called it a crane since we first saw the house.

A a couple of days ago my husband Jon watched a blue heron in the fishing stream just 1/4 block from our house. I asked, what was it doing? Jon said, it was standing very still in the middle of the stream, then it poked its beak in the water quickly. It was fishing! The stream is the south branch of the Little Wolf River. Makes me wonder if blue herons have been fishing around here in recently, or if they've been living around this area for a long, long time.

Above photo taken June 2008, after rebuilding the front porch structure and flooring by my Dad Gale Harriman, and my husband Jon. Mom painted the beautiful medallions on either side of the front door.

Here is a photo taken April 2007 of the front door, right after we bought the house, and before we started repairs to the front porch or any of the exterior scraping, priming, and repainting the house.

I took this photo July 2009. Before winter, we need to purchase a storm door for the front door. The door is 8 feet tall! We are choosing a modern full glass storm door with a simple black frame.

Sadly, we lost the antique screen door for this door. We closed so quickly buying this house in the spring of 2007, we agreed to the family estate auction a week after we closed. Yes, an unusual request. At the auction we watched in horror as the auctioneer auctioned off our antique front door screen. We protested, but got no where.

The heirs of the family auction were not present at the sale, and we simply had no one to enforce rights over our property. The auctioneer sneered back at Jon when he protested. People at the auction felt bad for us, and so when the second door screen door (front porch dining room door) was auctioned off, we were able to buy it for $50 without any resistance.


  1. I cannot believe the details that were put into that house! There had to be a WOMAN in charge or a man that loved one so much that he included all them to please her. Don't you wish you could talk to them now?? What stories!

  2. Lovely little post from the door to the auction. That looks like many of the herons we watched in the rivers and lakes in Illinoios and Iowa. Such proud and gentle birds. I suspect that is what is etched on your lovely door.

    The small details of your home are lovely. I think some of the most beautiful victorian homes can be found there and always filled with beautiful little details like these.

    You auction story about the screen door brought back so many memories of both good and bad auctions. As you shared, the few bad ones always seemed to be rescued by knowing folks in the bidding audience. So glad you were able to walk away with your coveted screen door. Sea Witch

  3. Beautiful door ! I love your old house ! Come visit me .