Monday, May 18, 2009

New Flooring Finished in Upstairs Bath

Above is the view if you were sitting in the clawfoot tub. Purposely, we're putting the tub in front of the double windows and a little to the right to provide a view of the old barn. Also, moving the tub to the right of the windows makes more space at the pedestal sink.

Above is the clawfoot tub--at the moment it is parked along the west wall of the bathroom while Jon is installing the new flooring. It was difficult and painful buying a faucet to fit the tub. I'll give you 2 guesses, but you still won't believe the faucet, pop-up drain, and water supply lines cost more than the tub. Mercy.

Above are the connections in the flooring for the water supply lines and drain to the clawfoot tub.

Above is the wallpaper sample taped to the door; a close up of white woodwork and eucalyptus colored beadboard. The green tape ain't bad either, ha. ha.

Above is the west wall. Temporary placement of the tub until the flooring is installed. The door shown here is a wedge shaped storage closet (huge). There is a matching wedge shaped closet on the opposite (east) wall--where I have the laundry room.

Above - The east wall during installation of flooring. You can see east door here to wedge shaped closet housing my laundry room. Just enough space for a little person like me to wash, dry, & hang up clothes.

Here is the south wall with double windows. The tub will sit in front of the windows, but a little off center to the right (west).

Above is the west wall, and temporary location of tub during floor installation. The doors are sanded, primed, and ready for top coat of semi-gloss latex. I'm sticking with white to go with the white tub, pedestal sink, and toilet.

Above is the south wall of the bathroom with the double windows where the tub will be located. Not much chance of anyone seeing the bather in the nude, due to the roof line. The room is photographed a bit dark, but I took these photos at 5:30a this morning.

Above--I'm still on board with selection of wallpaper. The gray-green in the paper actually matches the walls--however the wallpaper has a rich background of eggnog cream.

Above - is the east wall (left) and south wall with double windows. You can see the plumbing for the pedestal sink is ready to go.

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