Friday, May 29, 2009

Finish Photos of New Upstairs Bathroom

Above Photo Taken Today May 29, 2009.

This photo was taken January 15, 2009.

Finished Upstairs Bathroom Today

Above is a great chest of drawers I purchased at St. Vincent DePaul in Appleton, WI last year. The top is a bit distressed, but I went over it with some Danish oil twice, each time letting the oil penetrate the surface. Then I finished by going over the entire piece with Danish oil. Looks great.

In a house like ours, built in 1893, we have to create storage where there is none. We've added this chest of drawers and a jelly cabinet to the right of the pedestal sink to hold medicine cabinet stuff, shaving, cosmetics, hairdryer, etc. I'll take some measurements of cabinet to add some baskets--to sort/hold those items.
Above is the much needed second toilet in the house. I took up the extra rug from the living room and brought it upstairs to the bathroom. It fits perfectly and looks good too.

Above is a detail of the door trim with the flower design, a feature in all the woodwork in the house both upstairs and down.

Above is a detail of the wallpaper (showing the wallpaper's true color).
I know the other photos taken here make the the wallpaper look golden probably because of the soft white/yellow light of the sconces.
I purchased the bathing beauties from The Dane's Home (Antiques) in Waupaca, WI and reframed it to go with the bathroom colors.
Above is the cinamon colored jelly cabinet, and oiled teak flooring--also a cinamon color we admire against the grayed blue-green eucaplytus colored beadboard, a Valspar latex semi-gloss paint color called Bewitch. We painted a bedroom downstairs the same color. I picked up the jelly cabinet at a second hand store in Appleton several years ago. It was in my kitchen at our former home.
Mom and I finished the wallpapering yesterday. This morning while Jon was finishing work on the clawfoot tub connection, I hung the white lace curtains--which really help cut the bright light reflecting off the aluminum colored standing steel roof. The roof is in amazing condition--it was installed new during the mid 1950s. We re-painted the roof June 2007 right after we purchased the house.

Monday, May 18, 2009

New Flooring Finished in Upstairs Bath

Above is the view if you were sitting in the clawfoot tub. Purposely, we're putting the tub in front of the double windows and a little to the right to provide a view of the old barn. Also, moving the tub to the right of the windows makes more space at the pedestal sink.

Above is the clawfoot tub--at the moment it is parked along the west wall of the bathroom while Jon is installing the new flooring. It was difficult and painful buying a faucet to fit the tub. I'll give you 2 guesses, but you still won't believe the faucet, pop-up drain, and water supply lines cost more than the tub. Mercy.

Above are the connections in the flooring for the water supply lines and drain to the clawfoot tub.

Above is the wallpaper sample taped to the door; a close up of white woodwork and eucalyptus colored beadboard. The green tape ain't bad either, ha. ha.

Above is the west wall. Temporary placement of the tub until the flooring is installed. The door shown here is a wedge shaped storage closet (huge). There is a matching wedge shaped closet on the opposite (east) wall--where I have the laundry room.

Above - The east wall during installation of flooring. You can see east door here to wedge shaped closet housing my laundry room. Just enough space for a little person like me to wash, dry, & hang up clothes.

Here is the south wall with double windows. The tub will sit in front of the windows, but a little off center to the right (west).

Above is the west wall, and temporary location of tub during floor installation. The doors are sanded, primed, and ready for top coat of semi-gloss latex. I'm sticking with white to go with the white tub, pedestal sink, and toilet.

Above is the south wall of the bathroom with the double windows where the tub will be located. Not much chance of anyone seeing the bather in the nude, due to the roof line. The room is photographed a bit dark, but I took these photos at 5:30a this morning.

Above--I'm still on board with selection of wallpaper. The gray-green in the paper actually matches the walls--however the wallpaper has a rich background of eggnog cream.

Above - is the east wall (left) and south wall with double windows. You can see the plumbing for the pedestal sink is ready to go.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Discovering The Previous Owners - The Qvien Family

Allow me to introduce the Thomas Qvien family, second owners of our 1893 Victorian. Thomas Qvien purchased the house in December 1917 from Osina (Wrolstad) Johnson and her husband N.H. "Nels" Johnson, and her sister Mabel (Wrolstad) Westgor and her husband E.H. Westgor.

I received this beautiful family photo from Barbara Osen great granddaughter of Thomas Qvien (pronounced Ka-veen'). We are so honored to show this photograph in our home.

Front: Thomas and Maren (Gurholt) Qvien. Standing are their children: Bessie, Gusta, Peter, and Ragnhild.

Barbara brought me other unmarked photos. I found one or two which I thought might be older photos of Bessie and Ragnhild. To get a better look I scanned the original family photograph, then made detail images of each person. I began with the "known" photo of Bessie, a detail image from the family photo, and reversed the detail image.

Above is a reserved image of "known" photograph detail of Bessie Qvien.

Above is the "unknown" photo of a woman I believe is Bessie Qvien.

Above is an overlay transparency combining both photographs. Really cool, eh? A friend named Theresa did the overlay for me.