Monday, April 27, 2009

Fitting Tub Fixtures

Above is the bathroom wallpaper. Looks good next to the painted beadboard.

Jon dry fitting the pop up drain.

The main faucet fixture.

We purchased new flooring--the color and style is called Oiled Teak--a cinnamon color. After dry-fitting the tub fixtures, Jon will tear it down again, move the tub out and install flooring. The floors upstairs, especially in the bathroom have been opened up many times to add plumbing and electrical.

Our choice is a durable and maintenance free floating laminate floor over the original pine boards. In the future others can restore the floors as they wish (and repair them too). At this point, I remember a Rolling Stones tune, "you can't always get what you want." So we'll do what we can, finish what we can, and then move along to the next project.

So far, we've done every bit of the restoration by ourselves. This work is not for the faint of heart or procrastinator. Sometimes it seems we've had to lick every inch of this house personally with our tongues. There's always more work to do.

In a couple weeks, summer weather will be upon us and we have to work outside. My summer project is to finish painting the exterior of the house. And, Jon has been checking out stock trees from differnt stores. I'm interested in grand spice viburnum. I heard about its great fragrance, and hope it is Zone 4 perfect for us.


  1. What a beautiful home!You are doing a wonderful job.I love your pictures of your grandparents.I will be back.Ypou can visit me at simple pleasures

  2. Hi Elizabeth. Thanks for taking a look at our Victorian restoration. We enjoy every minute of restoration--it is all about the journey--one we're honored to be a part of. In a few weeks, it will be warmer here in Wisconsin, and I'll be back outside to finish painting the exterior of the house. This will be my second summer scraping and painting the exterior, but I really can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Please check in with us often. Every month I post more photos. I enjoyed your message and reading about you and your interests. You sound like a neat gal. Talk to you later. Mrs. D (Linda)