Friday, February 20, 2009

New Fireplace in the Red Dining Room

We have a new fireplace in the dining room. It's warm and cozy. Now, what goes above the fireplace? Hmmmm, any ideas?


  1. Hi Mrs. D, I am finally getting around to looking at your website about your farmhouse. We met at an auction in New London on Valentines day. I was with my hubby and we bought some odd things, but you bought a few nice pieces for your farmhouse. It is beautiful by the way. Hope you got all your purchases home. It was nice to meet you.

  2. Hi Mrs D (Sorry short memory, I forgot your name.) We met at an auction in New London on Valentines Day. You bought your husband a blanket and yourself some various other things for your 1893 farmhouse. I finally ran across the papers from the auction and looked up your house and wanted to see what you had done. Wow, you have done a fantastic job of restoration. Each room is truly a work of art. Thanks for sharing. Maybe we will run across each other at an auction again.

  3. Hello Mrs. D, we have never met, although I think it would be fun to meet you! Your farmhouse is incredible. I especially love the colors you have chosen, this is a dreamhouse for me to enjoy looking at. I live on the Oregon Coast, so there are very few homes that are of this quality and age. Your pictures are an inspiration to me, perhaps I can make my mid century house into a more comfortable abode by adding some victorian accents to the porch and mouldings. Have a pleasant day today! Love from "Mrs. Slug" in Oregon! :)